Hasmik M. Shatiryan
Education (beginning with IHE)
Moscow Literature Institute after Gorki, 1967 - 1972
Post-Graduate Study, Moscow Literature Institute after Gorki, 1972 - 1975

Academic degree
PhD of philology
PhD thesis: “Development stages of Armenian artistic prose translation into Russian”, 10.01.03, 1980, Institute of Armenian Literature after M.Abeghyan, Acad.of Science of RA

Professional experience
Since 1979 - Russian language lecturer, Yerevan State University
Since 1987 - Docent of the Chair of Russian Language for natural science departments, Yerevan State University

Academic courses
Practical course of Russian language

Scale of professional interests
Methodic of teaching Russian as foreign language, theoretical and practical aspects of working out specialized texts' work-books, organizing and carrying out extra class reading as one of the aspects of teaching Russian language and literature, art and teaching translation theory and practice issues, teaching Russian idiomatic expressions in comparison with Armenian ones.

Participation in grant projects (present and past)
Grant project on working out “Russian language practical course for natural science departments”, 1995

Russian, Armenian, English

Professional membership
Member of the Scientific Council of Russian Philology Department at Yerevan State University

Awards received
Yerevan State University honorary diploma

(+374 10) 54-64-25

Hasmik M. Shatiryan

Associate Professor | Faculty of Russian Philology - Chair of Russian Language (Faculties of Natural Sciences)


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