Karen A. Keryan
B. Sc.: Faculty of Mathematics, Yerevan State University, 2001-2005
M. Sc.: Faculty of Mathematics, Yerevan State University, 2005-2007
PhD: Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, Yerevan State University, 2007- 2009

Academic degree
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Doctoral thesis: “Convergence, uniqueness and basis problems for orthonormal spline systems”, Yerevan State University, 2018

Professional Membership
Member of the Scientific Council 050 in Mathematics at Yerevan State University

Professional experience
From 2021: Chairman of Supreme Certifying Committee
From 2013 to date: Teaching associate, American University of Armenia
From 2009 to date: Assistant Professor, Yerevan State University
2008 - 2009: Lecturer, Yerevan State University

Academic courses
Mathematical analysis
Measure theory

Scale of professional interests
Harmonic analysis
Orthogonal series

Awards Received/b>
RA Presidential Award - 2018

Armenian, Russian, English

Karen A. Keryan

Assistant | Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics - Chair of Function Theory and Differential Equations


K. Keryan, A. Khachatryan

A Uniqueness theorem for Franklin series | J. Contemp. Math. Analysis, 55 (2020), no. 3, 166-178

G. Gevorkyan, K. Keryan, M. Poghosyan

Convergence To Infinity For Orthonormal Spline Series | Acta Mathematica Hungarica, 2020, N 162 (2), p. 604-617

K. Keryan, M. Passenbrunner

Unconditionality of periodic orthonormal spline systems in Lp | Studia Mathematica. 2019, 248, no. 1, pp. 57-91

Karen Keryan, Mamikon Ginovyan

Reconstruction of martingales and applications to multiple Haar series | Studia Scientiarum Mathematicarum Hungarica. 2018, 55 , no. 4, pp. 542–558

K. Keryan

Orthonormal spline systems on R with zero means as bases in H^1(R) | Analysis Mathematica. 2017, 43 (4), pp. 581-601
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