Khachik S. Hakobyan
Yerevan State Medical University After Mkhitar Heratsi- Faculty of Pharmacy
Scientific Technological Center of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry (STCOPHCH) - Postgraduate study
National Institute of Health Named After ac. S. Avdalbekyan- Radiology diagnostic- doctor ordinator

Academic degree, rank
PhD in chemistry

Dissertation/thesis topic
Synthesis and study of antitumor and antimonoaminoxidase properties of 5-methyl-5-ethylbenzo[h]chinazolines

Scope of scientific interests
Development of the synthesis methods of spiro heterocycles and non- spiro heterocycles
Looking for relationships between chemical structure and biological activity
Search, development and research of new drugs

Lectures delivered
Applied pharmacology

Professional activities
2004 - 2011: Reasercher of Scientific-Technological Center of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry.
2004 - 2006: Analytical of "Scientific center of Drug and Medical Technology Expertise" CJSC
2007 - 2008: Medical representative of "Tonus Les" LLC
2008 - 2014: Medical Representative of "Arpimed" CJSC.
2008 - 2013: Director of "Meditrina" LLC.
Since 2014: Head of Marketing department of Arpimed LLC.

Professional membership
Young Doctors Association.
Armenian Pharmaceutical Association.

ISTC A-649
“Benzo[h]quinazolines: Chemical and Enzymatic Synthesis and Study”

Qualification course
A Course of “Effective Communication During the Exhibition” 2011.
“Pharmacovigilance & Drug Safety” 2014.
“Pharmacovigilance’s Global Regulatory Requirements” 2014.
A Course of "Thoracoabdominal computed tomography" 2016.

Armenian, Russian, English

Khachik S. Hakobyan

Candidate of Chemistry, Assistant | Institute of Pharmacy - The Chair of Biomedicine


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