Kristine S. Margaryan
1997 - 2001: Bachelor’s degree of agronomist-selectionist, Armenian Agricultural Academy
2002 - 2004: Master’s degree of Biology, Yerevan State University
2007: Doctor of Biology

Academic degree
Doctor of Biology, 2007, “Study of genotoxic and modifying activity of new porphyrins by Comet assay ”

Professional experience
2005 - 2007: Senior laboratory assistant, Yerevan State University
2007 - 2009: Senior research scientist, Institute of Biochemistry of NAS RA
2008 - present time: Research scientist, Yerevan State University
2009 - present time: Lecturer (part time), YSU, Department of Genetic and Cytology
2011 - 2012: Assistant professor of Department of Genetic and Cytology

Academic courses
Plant molecular genetics, Genetics, Ecological genetics, Population genetics, Genetic toxicology, Cell biology

Scale of professional interests
Plant molecular biology, Genetic toxicology, oncogenetics

Participation in grant projects
2005 - 2007: ISTC grant A-301.2.
2009 - 2010: ISTC grant A-1701
2009 - 2011: Grant ECSP-09-36_SASP, Principal investigator
2011 - 2015: Cost Action FA1003
2015: DAAD project
2015 - 2017: Grant 15T-1E232
2015 - 2017: Cost Action FA1306,
2015 - 2017: Cost Action FA1407

Armenian, Russian, English

Kristine S. Margaryan

Senior Researcher | Faculty of Biology


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Kristine Margaryan

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