Lusine R. Aloyan
1996 - 2000 Undergraduate studies, Faculty of Physics, Yerevan State University.
2000 - 2002 Magistracy, Faculty of Physics, YSU.
2002 - 2006 Postgraduate study, Molecular Physics Department, Faculty of Physics, YSU.

Academic degree
PhD (03.00.02-Biophysics) - “The effect of peripheral substituents on complex formation of pyridil porphyrins with DNA.” 2007.

Professional experience
2010 - 2017: Junior Associate, ICTP (The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics), Trieste, Italy
2007 - 2016: Professor Assistant, Department of Molecular Physics, Faculty of Physics, YSU
2007 - 2016: Scientific Researcher, “Physics of Macromolecules” Laboratory, Department of Molecular Physics, Faculty of Physics, YSU
2005 - 2007: Junior Scientific Researcher, Physics of Macromolecules” Laboratory, Department of Molecular Physics, Faculty of Physics, YSU
2003 - 2004: Lecturer of physics, Base College of Agriculture Academy
2002 - 2003: Scientific Researcher, Center for the Advancement of Natural Discoveries using Light Emission, Yerevan, Armenia
2002 - 2005: Scientific Researcher, Institute of Thin Organic Chemistry of Armenian NAS, Yerevan, Armenia
2000 - 2002: Lab. Assistant, Institute of Applied Problems of Physics of Armenian NAS, Yerevan, Armenia

Academic courses
"Molecular Physics" for 1-st year bachelor students, YSU
"The spectroscopy of conformation changing" for I year master students, YSU

Scale of professional interests
The investigation of thermostability and conformation of biopolymers in different condition (acidic and alkaline pH, mono- and bivalent metal ions). Biopolymer - legends interaction. Membrane transport

Participation in grant projects
2006 IUPAP/UNESCO Travel Grant
2006 INTAS Conference Individual Grants Ref. N° 05-99-2025
2008 ANSEF 08

Professional membership
2005 - 2007 SPP(Society of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines)
2005 - 2006 SPIE

Armenian, Russian, English

Lusine R. Aloyan

Assistant | Faculty of Physics - Chair of Molecular Physics
Researcher | Faculty of Physics - Laboratory of «Physics of macromolecules» of Department of Molecular Physics


L.R. Aloyan

Peculiarity of Zn-containing mezo-tetra-(3N-phyridyl) porphyrins with DNA | Vestnik IAELPS, Vol.10, No.6, 245-249 (2005)


L. Aloyan, A. Avetisyan, Y. Dalyan, L. Grigoryan, N. Karapetyan, V. Kocharyan, A. Mkrtchyan, A. Movsisyan, A. Saharian, A. Shahbazyan, A. Baldin

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L. R. Aloyan, Y. B. Dalyan, S.G Haroutiunian

The influence of CuTOEPyP4 porphyrin on DNA damage induced by high energy electron beam radiation. | Albany 2019: 20th Conversation, 85-86 էջ

L.R. Aloyan, Y.B. Dalyan, S.G. Haroutiunian

The influence of FeTOEPyP4 porphyrins on DNA damage induced by high energy electron beam radiation. | International Conference on Nuclear and Radiation Physics and Materials: NRPM 2019, 68 էջ

L.R. Aloyan, L.G. Aslanyan, Y.B. Dalyan

High energy electron beam radiation influence on DNA in the presence of porphyrins | ISTC International Workshop: Influence of electromagnetic radiation on human beings, and problem of understanding, 2018, 38-39 էջ

L. R. Aloyan, V. V. Margaryan, K. T. Hayrapetyan, S. N. Noreyan, V. A. Khachatryan, A. A. Kiziridi

Focusing of X-Rays inside a single crystal under the temperature gradient | Journal of Contemporary Physics (Armenian Academy of Sciences), 2017, 52(3), 264-270 pp.
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L. R. Aloyan, L. G. Aslanyan, Y. B. Dalyan

The DNA Damage Induced by Higher Energy Electrons in Presence of Porphyrins | BRITE(Biomarkers of Radiation In The Environment). 2017, p. 36 |

L. R. Aloyan

Influence of porphyrins on DNA damage induced by higher energy electrons | Восьмой международный научный семинар и Шестая международная молодежная школа-семинар "Современные методы анализа дифракционных данных и актуальные проблемы рентгеновской оптики". 2016, стр. 10-11 |

L. Aloyan, Y. Dalyan

Development of anticancer drug transporter on base of gold nanoparticles | International Symposium and Young Scientist School on Disordered and Ordered Materials Analysis and Characterization, Yerevan, Armenia, Abstracts Book, p. 70-71(2015) |

L. R. Aloyan, Y.B. Dalyan

The melting of DNA in the presence of meso-tetra-pyridyl porphyrins with different peripheral substituents | JBSD, V 31, N 1, p.56 (2013)

Ananyan G. V, Avetisyan A. A., Aloyan L. R., Dalyan Y. B.

The Stability of DNA-Porphyrin Complexes in the Ppresence of Mn(II) ions | International Symposium “Solvation and Ionic Effects in Biomolecules: Theory to Experiment”, Tsakhkadzor, Armenia, Book of abstracts, p. 37 (2010)
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