Lusine E. Budaghyan
1990 - 1995: Faculty of Applied Mathematics, YSU,
1996 - 1999: Post-Graduate Courses, Faculty of Applied Mathematics, YSU,
2005 - 2006: study course in Department of Automation Of Calculatin Systems Department of Automation of Computing Systems, Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, MSU

Academic degree
Candidate of Science (in Mathematics), “On interpretation of strong typed functional programs” - Speciality - 05.13.11 - mathematical and the software of computers, complexes and computer networks, 13 of October 2006, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia.

Professional experience
03.2007 until now junior member of teaching staff of department of Programming and information technologies
09.2001 - 02.2007: junior member of teaching staff of department of System programming
09.1995 - 06.2001: junior member of teaching staff of department Algorithmic languages
01.2008 until now programmer - accountant, Department of reporting and and accounting “ENA” CJSC
10.2005 - 12.2007: deputy chief of Computing Departments, «Harav» branch “ENA” CJSC
03.1996 - 09.2005: programmer of Computing Departments «Kentron» branch “ENA” GCJSC

Academic courses
“Functional programming systems” and “Database management systems» in baccalaureate, “Database management systems design» in magistracy, practical course “The theory of algorithms”

Scale of professional interests
Programming Languages and Systems, Functional Programming and Lambda Calculus, Mathematical Models of Computation

Participation in grant projects
Grants of Government of Armenia: 94-719, 2000-13, 0828, 0119, 1027

Armenian, Russiаn, English

Lusine E. Budaghyan

Assistant | Faculty of Informatics and Applied Mathematics - Chair of Programming and Information Technologies