Mikhail V. Poghosyan
YSU chemical faculty

Academic degree, rank

Dissertation/thesis topic
The substantia nigra electrical activity under action of neurotransmitters, melanine and specific neurodegeneration

Scope of scientific interests
Neurophysiology in norm & pathology

Lectures delivered
The bases of pharmacology

Professional activities
Experimental neurophysiology

English, Russian

Mikhail V. Poghosyan

Candidate of Biology, Assistant | Institute of Pharmacy - The Chair of Biomedicine


A. A. Galoyan, J. S. Sarkissian, V. A. Chavushyan, I. B. Meliksetyan, Z. E. Avagyan, M. V. Poghosyan, H. G Vahradyan, H. H. Mkrtchyan, D. O. Abrahamyan

Neuroprotection by hypothalamic peptide proline-rich peptide-1 in Abeta25-35 model of Alzheimer's disease | Alzheimer’s & Dement, 2008; 4(5), 332-344

Sarkissian J., Chavushyan V., Meliksetyan I., Poghosyan M., Avakyan Z., Voskanyan A., Mkrtchian H., Kamenetsky V., Abrahamyan D.

Protective effect of Naja naja oxiana cobra venom in rotenone-induced model of Parkinson’s disease: electrophysiological and histochemical analysis | New Armenian Medical Journal. 2007, V. 1, P. 43-56

А. А. Галоян, Дж. С. Саркисян, В. А Чавушян, И. Б. Меликсетян, З. Э. Авакян, Р. М. Сулханян, М. В. Погосян, З. А. Аветисян

Морфо-функциональное изучение протекторного действия нового гипоталамического пептида PRP-3 на нейроны спинного мозга в различные сроки после латеральной гемисекции | Нейрохимия (РАН и НАН РА), 2007, 24, (1), 86-99

A. A. Galoyan , J. S. Sarkissian, V. A. Chavushyan, Z. E. Avakyan, I. B. Meliksetyan, A. V. Voskanyan, H. H. Mkrtchian, M. V. Poghosyan, A. J. Gevorkyan, Z. A. Avetisyan, D. O. Abrahamyan

Neuroprotective action of hypothalamic peptides PRP-1 and PRP-3 in envenoming by snake venoms | Нейрохимия (РАН и НАН РА), 2007, 24(4), 335-346

J. S. Sarkissian, A. A. Galoyan, R. G. Kamalyan, V. A. Chavushyan, I. B. Meliksetyan, M. V. Poghosyan, O. V. Gevorkyan , O. V. Gevorkyan, A. S Hovsepyan, Z. E. Avakyan, S. A. Kazaryan, M. K. Manucharyan

The Effect of Bacterial Melanin on Electrical Activity of Neurons of the Substantia Nigra under Conditions of GABA Generation | Neurochemical Journal (RAS and NAS RA), 2007, 1(3), 227-234
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