Mkhitar R. Gabriyelyan
1994 - 1997: Post graduate study (Aspirantura) in Ethnography at Yerevan State University (YSU)
1989 - 1994: YSU, Faculty of History, historian, teacher of history

Scientific Degree
2001: PhD, Historical sciences: PhD thesis: “Social and cultural process of the modern village in RA (ethnographic study)”

Work and Scientific Experience
From 2005 up to now: Head of Master program "Ethnography", Faculty of History, YSU
From 2009 - 2012: Deputy Dean, Faculty of History, YSU
From 2001 up to now: Professor at Ethnology department at YSU
From 1998 up to now: Senior researcher, Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, National Academies of Sciences, Armenia

Scientific Interests and Experience
2012: Research fellowship, Policy fellowship Initiative, OSF-Armenia
2012 - 2014: Research project leader "Daily nationalism and ethnicity in Armenia", ASCN
2011: Coordinator of field research of the research project 'Armenia. Migration, Everyday Life and Transition', Academic Swiss Caucasus Net
2011: Public Policy Fellowship Initiative, OSI-Armenia
2011: Program Evaluation Team member, MCA, Armenia
2010 - 2011: State Demography Policy evaluation and monitoring group member, UNFPA, RoA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs
2008: Development of Methodological guidelines for demography, group member, UNFPA, RA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.
2007: PRSP revision group member, UNFPA, RoA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs
2007: “The Potential for Conflict Settlement among Armenian Society” fellowship grant (Team leader. A. Dabaghyan)-CRRC-Armenia
2006: "Research of "family" institute" (UNFPA)-analysis, co-author
2005 - 2006: "CAP study of the problems of education, health and human rights areas" (UNICEF)-project team leader of the field research, author of analytical text
1993 - 1994: Studies about issues of Poverty in Gegharqunik, VayotsDzor, Syuniq, Shirakmarzes of RA (funded by WB).
1993 - 2010: Field research work in all regions of Armenia and Shushi, Martuni, Hadrut, Qashatagh regions of NK with nearly 250 urban and rural communities.

Participation in national and international scientific conferences (Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Yerevan, Nalchik, Tbilisi, Batumi, Makhachkala, Istanbul, Strassburg) and public discussions on socio-cultural transformation processes in Armenian rural areas. Author of 8 monographic and nearly 50 scientific articles.

Mkhitar R. Gabriyelyan

Candidate of History, Associate Professor | Faculty of History - Chair of Archaeology and Ethnography


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