Nelly S. Babayan
2000 - 2004: YSU, Faculty of Biology, Bachelor’s degree
2004 - 2006: YSU, Faculty of Biology, Master’s degree

Academic degree
“New synthetic porphyrins as anticancer agents: in vitro study of structure-function interconnection”, Գ.00.15. «Genetics», PhD in Biology, 2011, Yerevan

Professional experience
2006 - 2007: YSU, Laboratory of general biology, cytogenetics subgroup, senior laborant
2007 - today: YSU, Laboratory of general biology, cytogenetics subgroup, researcher
2011 - 2013: YSU, Department of Genetics and Cytology, lecturer (part time)
2013 - today: YSU, Department of Genetics and Cytology, assistant professor

Academic courses
Cell Physiology, Animal cell culture application

Scale of professional interests
Alternative toxicology in vitro based on cell cultures test-systems, molecular mechanisms of neurodegenerative alterations on cellular level

Participation in grant projects
National Foundation of Science and Advanced Technologies (GRASP 29/06), 2006
U.S. Civilian And Development Foundation (ECSP-09-36_SASP), 2009
Armenian National Science and Education Fund (NS-BIOTECH-1387), 2010
International Science and Technology Center (ISTC A-1701), 2010
International Science and Technology Center (ISTC A-039), 2012
State Committee of Science and Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (SCS-BMBF 12GE-004), 2013

Armenian, Russian, English, German

Nelly S. Babayan

Assistant | Faculty of Biology - Chair of Genetics and Cytology


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