Parandzem S. Nikoghosyan
1992 - 1997: Department of Sociology, Faculty of Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology, Yerevan State University.
2007: Pedagogical and psychological courses for lecturers, Yerevan State University.
2015: Pedagogical and psychological courses for lecturers, Yerevan State University.
2008 - 2009: post-graduate student of Faculty of Socilogy.

Work experience
Since 1997 to present: lecturer of the Faculty of Sociology.
2000: Sociologist at Lori Center of Psychological Services.
2000: Sociologist in NGO “Medicines Sans Frontiers / Belgium”.
1998 - 1999: Social worker in NGO “Medicines Sans Frontiers / France”.
1999: Educational specialist in the Center of Educational Reforms of Ministry of Education and Science.
1998 - 1999: Teacher at “Quantum” school.
In 1997: Author of teledocumentary-journalist at the Department of Public Relations in “Hayastan” All-Armenian Foundation.

Participation in scientific conferences and seminars
In 2006 (November 14):Annual scientific conference of the Faculty of Sociology, YSU. The theme – “The reflexion of the sociological ideas of H.Spencer in the frames of Armenian scientific mind”.
In 2016 (April 27): Armenian-Russian scientific conference, YSU. The theme – “Social-historical backgrounds of formation and development of the Russian sociology”.

Cources Designed
History of the Armenian sociological mind
Qrestomatia of the Armenian sociology
Qrestomatia of 19-th century western sociology
Sociology of Mass Media
Sociology of Arts
The Art of Speech and Communication
Social Anthropology
Social Ecology
Social Work with terminally ill patients
Culture and civilization

Armenian (native), Russian (fluent), English (fluent)


Parandzem S. Nikoghosyan

Lecturer | Faculty of Sociology - Chair of theory and history of sociology