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Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology

The process of this faculty's foundation began in 1964. The Chair of Philosophy of YSU Faculty of History served as a basis to open the Department of Philosophy here. The first generation of graduates left the department in 1969.

Before 1970 the philosophy tutoring was implemented by the only Chair of Philosophy. In 1970 the Chair of Philosophy was divided into three different chairs, functioning up now.

In 1982 the Department was separated from the Faculty of History and a new Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology was founded. Before 1990 both the philosophers and sociologists used to apply together and from the 3rd Academic year to choose the specialization. After such preparation of required specialists in 1991 the section of Sociology was separated from the Philosophy section and became an independent department, and the department of Social work separated from this one in 1995 in its term.

In 1992 the Department of Psychology was opened at this faculty and it was renamed the Faculty of Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology. The Chair of Political Science was a part of this faculty till 1998, when it joined the newly formed Faculty of International Relations.

In 2004 the chairs of Sociology and Social Work also separated from this faculty and formed a new faculty. So, the faculty was renamed again-Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology.

Five chairs, the experimental psychology laboratory, scientific-research laboratories for experimental psychology and for personal and professional activities function in its structure, as well as Centre for Applied Psychology. One NAS RA Academician, 1 NAS RA associate member, 11 doctors of sciences and professors and 25 candidates of sciences and assistant professors are involved in the educational process of the faculty currently.

Center for Applied Psychology was opened at YSU Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology in 2008.

Goals of the center are:

To support the development and quality rising of this branch in the Republic of Armenia.

Trainings and seminars in this field are called to prepare qualified specialists from students, who have chosen the specialization of psychologist. Those will be provided with practical classes.

Various services in the area of consulting will be available for YSU studentship, professorial staff, employees and our population in general.

Different scientific-research activities are expected in special areas of the Applied Psychology.

Center provides You with researches in the sphere of psychology, scientific conferences, seminars, publishing of scientific articles, journals and brochures.


  • Chair of Social Philosophy, Ethics and Aesthetics
  • Chair of History of Philosophy
  • Chair of General Psychology
  • Chair of Social and Clinical Psychology
  • Chair of Personality Psychology
  • Laboratory in Psychology of Personality and Professional Activities
  • Laboratory of Experimental Psychology
  • Laboratory of the Personal and Social Environment



Dean - Candidate of Philosophy,
Associate Professor Alexan Baghdasaryan

Dean's Office: (+374 60) 71-06-32
(inner line 76-32),
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