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Faculty of Physics

The process of training specialists in the field of physics and mathematics began in 1922 in YSU. The establishment of an independent faculty of Physics and Mathematics comprised of separate Chairs of Physics and Mathematics in 1933 was a significant step towards developing physics in Armenia.

To strengthen the development of physics, and in order to provide more new specialists in our republic, the Faculty of Physics was separated from the Physical and Mathematical Faculty in 1959. The first dean of the faculty was NAS RA Academician Norayr Kocharyan.

The staff of the faculty is comprised of highly qualified specialists. Currently NAS RA three Academicians and NAS RA five Associate members, 36 Doctors of Sciences, and more than 80 Candidates of Sciences are involved in the tutoring process of this faculty.

Beginning with 2006-2007 Academic year the specialization (distance learning) of Pedagogue Specialist of Physics is available, too.

The scientific-research activities, which are conducted in the laboratories of the faculty, correspond to the present demands of the field both scientifically and technically.

There is also an equipped computer room with modern technologies, which enables students to get acquainted with modern scientific experiments and automated systems of technology management.

Different international grants and many projects, financed by state budget, witness about the active scientific life at this faculty.

Currently scientific-research activities are undertaken within the framework of 13 international grants (with the total financing of 1, 5 million dollars) and 15 projects on budgetary financing (25 % of budgetary themes and scientific positions of YSU).


  • Academician Victor Ambardzoumyan's Chair of General Physics and Astrophysics
  • Academician Gourgen Sahakyan's Chair of Theoretical Physics
  • Chair of Solid States
  • Chair of Optics
  • Chair of Molecular Physics
  • Chair of Nuclear Physics
  • Chair of Higher Mathematics
  • Research institute of Physics
  • International Laboratory of Physical Ecology


Dean - Phys-Math. Sci. Doctor, Professor
Rafik Hakobyan

Dean's Office: (+374 60) 71-03-22
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