Ruzanna  S.  Ghazaryan
1979 - 1984: YSU, Biological faculty

Academic degree
Candidate of biological science, Investigation of the interaction of the antitumor compound mitoxantrone with DNA, 1997, spec. Society 051 at YSU

Academic courses
Fundamentals of biometrics, anthropology, psychophysiology.

Scale of professional interests
The structure of DNA, the effect of electromagnetic waves on the DNA.

Participation in grant projects
1999: The Soros Foundation

Armenian, Russian, English

Professional membership
Member of the Biophysical Society in Armenia

Ruzanna S. Ghazaryan

Junior Researcher | Faculty of Physics - Laboratory of «Physics of macromolecules» of Department of Molecular Physics


Бабаян Ю. С., Казарян Р. С., Асланян В. М.

Исследование изменения геометрии ДНК вследствие взаимодействия с противоопухолевими соединенивми митоксантрона и аметантрона | Спектр. Биоплимеров 7, Харьков 1991, с. 20-21
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Vitali Kalantaryan, Ruzanna Ghazaryan, Sergey Hakobyan, Yura Babayan

Non-ionizing millimeter electromagnetic waves increase thermodynamic parameters of the binding of anticancer drugs mitoxantrone and doxorubicin with DNA | The 2nd European Congress of Medical Physics. 2018, 122-122 pp. |

A. A. Tadevosyan, R. S. Ghazaryan

The influance of non-thermal coherent millimeter electromagnetic waves on the thermal expansion coefficients of DNA solutions | Book of abstracts, Albany, 2015, p. 236

Yu. S. Babayan, G. L. Kanaryan, R. S. Ghazaryan

Binding of some antitumour compounds with the DNA – radiated millimeter electromagnetic waves | J. Biomol. Str. Dyn, 2009, p. 876-877

Yu. S. Babayan, G. L. Kanaryan, R. S. Ghazaryan, A. A. Tadevosyan

The investigation of binding between the mitixantrone and ametantrone anti-tumor compounds and DNA | Prob. Biochemistry, radiation and space biology, Moscow, 2007, p. 150-151

Babayan Yu. S., Ghazaryan R. S., Sargsyan J. H., Sngryan H. E., Markaryan A. Sh.

Comparative spectroscopic and microcalorimetric analysis of the interaction anticancer drugs with double – stranded nucleic acids | Modern prob. Genetics, radiobiology, radioecology and evol., Dubna, 2005, p. 55
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