Samvel C. Nersisyan
1967 – 1975: Student, Department of RadioPhysics and Electronics, YSU

Professional experience
1972 - 1988: Senior Laboratory assistant Optics dept, faculty of Physics., YSU
1988 - 2013 July 31: Head of laboratory of studies , Optics dept, faculty of Physics., YSU
2013 up to present: Junior scientific worker, faculty of Physics., YSU

Academic courses
“Physics of optical phenomena” laboratory course

Scale of professional interests
Nonlinear physics, physics of liquid crystals

Armenian, Russian

Samvel C. Nersisyan

Junior Researcher | Faculty of Physics - Scientific-research laboratory for Optoelectronics and photonics


S. M. Arakelian, G. L. Grigorian, G. A. Liakhov, S. Ts. Nersisian, Yu. Svirko, Yu. S. Chilingaryan

SHG in the NLC: Effectof molecular symmetry:nonlinear susceptibility and phase matching | MCLC, v.71, p. 137-156, 1981
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