Sergo A. Episkoposyan
Graduate: Faculty of Mathematics, Yerevan State University: 1991 - 1996
Masters of State Engineering University of Armenia (SEUA: 1996 -1998)
Post Graduate Student in SEUA (1998 - 2001)

Academic degree
Candidate - “On the existence of universal series by trigonometric and Walsh systems in weighted L1 spaces ”, 1999, Yerevan State University

Professional experience
2000 - present: Scientific Researcher of Higher Mathematics Chair (YSU)

Academic courses
Mathematical Analysis,
Theory of measure
Theory of orthonormal systems and polynomial approximation of functions

Scale of professional interests
Theory of orthogonal series and bases, Theory of weighted functional spaces
Non-linear approximations, greedy algorithms, Signal processing

Armenian, Russian, English

Professional membership
Member of Armenian Mathematicians Union

Sergo A. Episkoposyan

Associate Professor | Faculty of Physics - Chair of Higher Mathematics


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