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Faculty of Sociology

YSU Faculty of Sociology was opened in September of 2004. The Chair of Social Work and Social Technologies was separated from the Chair of Applied Sociology in 2004, which was opened at YSU Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology in 1986. Currently the following specializations are available here: Sociology, Social Work, Conflict Resolution, Methodology of Social Researches and PR. Beginning with 2007-2008 Academic year distance learning in the area of Sociology and Social Work is available, too (Bachelors, 5 years).

Laboratories for Applied Sociological Researches and Distance Learning function at this faculty. Courses with the duration of one year are available at the Distance Learning Laboratory in the area of Social Work and PR specializations. Preparatory courses for foreign students in the area of Sociology with the duration of one year are also available in this laboratory beginning with 2007-2008 Academic year.

Centre for Regional Integration and Conflict Resolution and Library act at this faculty. Professorial staff and studentship can find all necessary modern literature in English language in this library.

The great scientific-research potential of the faculty (22 specialists with scientific degree) has helped to implement various projects in the area of studies of issues in many spheres of our life. Professorial staff of the faculty has published many scientific articles and manuals in our republic and abroad. The annual scientific conference of the faculty is organized in each November and the report is being published.

The lecturers, PHD students as well specialists from USA and Western Europe periodically participate in methodological seminars organized by chairs.

Professorial staff of the faculty periodically takes qualification courses in leading scientific-research centers of USA, FRG, France, Italy, Hungary, Great Britain, India, Sweden as well as leading universities of CIS.

YSU Faculty of Sociology has established cooperation with the RA Ministry of Labor and Social Issues. The cooperation on international level is established, too: Humboldt University of Berlin, Munster University, Ruhr University of Bochum, University of Potsdam, Swiss Institute of Peace, Uppsala University of Sweden, Saratov State University. Chair of Sociology is the member of International Sociological Association.


  • Chair of Applied Sociology
  • Chair of theory and history of sociology
  • Chair of Social Work and Social Technologies
  • Migration Competence Center
  • Center for Regional Integration and Conflict Analysis (CRICA)
  • Research Laboratory of Applied Sociology
  • Distance learning Laboratory



Dean - Doctor of Philosophy,
Professor Arthur Mkrtichyan

Dean's Office: (+374 60) 71-00-68,
(inner line 10-68),
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