Vahe R. Tadevosyan
1996 - 2002: Yerevan State University, Faculty of Radiophysics
2000: B.S. degree
2002: M.S. degree
2002 - 2005: Post Graduate Study at Yerevan State University, Dept. of Radiophysics.
2005: Candidate of Physical-Mathematical Sciences (Dr. of Physics), “Terahertz wave difference frequency generation in periodic structures”, Yerevan State University

Other Courses
2006: Training courses at “SYNOPSYS ARMENIA” company
2007: Pedagogical and psychological training course for lecturers, YSU.

Work Experience
2005: up to now, Assistant Professor, Yerevan State University, Microwave Radiophysics and Telecommunication Dept.
2007: up to now, Research Scientist in Terahertz Waves Laboratory, Yerevan State University (YSU).
2010: up to now, Scientific Secretary of Radiophysics Faculty

Participation in Grants
ANSEF 2011

Academic courses / Teaching &Training Experiences
“Automation of science experiment”, “Radio engineering and principles of theory of oscillations”, “Principles of wireless communication”, “Digital Integrated Circuits”, “Microprocessors”.

Scientific secretary of Council of Radiophysics Faculty

Language skills
Armenian, Russian, English

Vahe R. Tadevosyan

Associate Professor | Faculty of Radiophysics - Chair of Radiophysics and Electronics
Deputy Dean | Faculty of Radiophysics


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