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In a conversation with us, Hayk Petrosyan noted that the goal of the project is to introduce a safe technology for separating biologically active substances (with high pharmacological properties) from the secondary waste of the production of vegetable oils used in traditional medicine as well as organizing a small production of biologically active substances.

In an interview with us, the organizer of the event, the head of the Department of Mathematical Modeling, Aram Arakelyan, said that publishing an article in any of the Scopus magazines is a very complex process that requires a high level of knowledge.

The speaker also explained the system of academic assessment of research, noting that it depends not only on the quality of work, but also on the form of presentation.

At the end of the lecture, the participants had the opportunity to ask their questions to the professor.

The conference was organized with the thematic funding of the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of the Republic of Armenia.

The meeting was welcomed by the Dean of the Faculty of Armenian Philology Artsrun Avagyan.

 "With the unity of language and people, we can only speak of scientific progress, achievements, progress and prospects": he said.

The report by Hovhannes Zakaryan, a representative of the Tatev Scientific and Educational Center, was dedicated to one of the ways of self-development of the Armenian electronic dictionary.


He said, that self-development of electronic dictionaries can be based on analysis of internal resources.


His contribution to the creation of a number of training courses and programs on the history of Armenian diplomacy in international relations of Armenia is significant.

Gegham Petrosyan, the Dean of the Faculty of International Relations, told us that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the preparation of diplomatic staff in independent Armenia was a priority.


Gegham Petrosyan said that it was planned to hold the conference in one day, but there were many applications and therefore it was decided to hold it in two days.

“The topics of the reports are very interesting. They have both scientific and practical significance": he said.


The Dean of the Faculty stated that the authors of the best reports will be awarded with certificates.

All reports were on current legal issues.

The annual conference of the teaching staff is one of the traditional events held at the Faculty of Law, which is taking place for the 19th time.


The lectures were delivered by the representatives of all the departments of the Faculty of Law.

In our conversation with the Dean of the Faculty Gagik Ghazinyan stated that there were many applications for the conference, but it was selected the topics, that are at the moment very important in the practical field.


According to him, all the research materials, including the reports made at the conference, will be published in collection of materials of YSU Faculty of Law.