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The conference, organized jointly by YSU and the Armenian Association for Social Work, was dedicated to the 13th anniversary of the Faculty of Sociology.

Dean of the Faculty of Sociology Arthur Mkrtichyan made an opening speech. He congratulated all the staff and students of the faculty: “Today is our birthday. Today’s conference is our annual, traditional conference. I am very glad that this time it has an international character. This is not only a good occasion to listen to the opinions of others, but to present to the world our own position on this or that issue.”

Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Sociology Anahit Sahakyan expressed gratitude to the Armenian Social Work Association for supporting the work of the conference and mentioned that it is being held within the framework of the Association’s two programs.

“The first is a grant funded by the UNDEF, within which we are striving to enhance the participation of civil society and citizens in the ongoing social reforms, and the second one is a program implemented with the HILFSWERK AUSTRIA, funded by the European Union and Austrian Cooperation Fund, (Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan),” - said Mrs. Sahakyan.

Two plenary sessions were held in the framework of the conference titled “Transnational Social Work as a Scientific Basis of Social Work” and “Current Discourse on Social Work Generalization in the Republic of Armenia”. During the second session the necessity of the law “On Prevention of Domestic Violence” was also discussed, as well as the issues of the practice of social work in the sphere of child protection.

Participants from Austria, Croatia, USA, Norway and Germany made presentations.

After the conference, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Armenian Association of Social Work, the Armenian State Pedagogical University and Gyumri Pedagogical University.

Among the participants are students, young and well-known scholars, as well as heads of scientific and educational foundations from different countries (Russia, USA, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, Denmark).

The aim of the conference is to discuss and solve a number of issues related to science, to strengthen the integration of modern methods in the field of science with the Association of Diaspora Armenian Scientists, created as a result of the First Pan-Armenian Scientific Conference, aimed at supporting young Armenian scientists and effective implementation of programs in the academic schools in Armenia. YSU Rector Aram Simonyan and representatives of the professorial staff of YSU attended the conference.

Gevorg Vardanyan, Chairman of the Young Scientists' Council of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia and Radik Martirosyan, President of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, made opening speeches.

Gevorg Vardanyan presented the results of the previous forum: "During the first conference via lectures, round tables all possible preconditions were discussed on the progress of Armenian science. As a result, the idea of establishing an Association of Diaspora Armenian Scientists was regarded as a guarantee of success."

According to Gevorg Vardanyan, the Second All-Armenian Scientific Conference aims to gather outstanding scholars from Diaspora and Armenia and thus find ways to solve crucial issues.

President of the National Academy of Sciences Radik Martirosyan welcomed the participants of the conference, noting that the organized discussions and round tables contribute to the development of science and technology in Armenia: "One of our main problems is to use the potential of Armenian young scientists in the right way to develop the economy of our republic."

Young scholars of Armenian scientific organizations have the opportunity to present their research works through poster and oral presentations within the framework of the conference.

Karen Trchunyan, lecturer at the Chair of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Biotechnology at YSU, made a report on the topic "The Role of Biochemical, Fertilization, Hydrogenase and Proton Foil".

It should be noted that the conference is being held on November 6-8.

The opening ceremony was attended by RA Deputy Minister of Education and Science Vahram Mkrtchyan, Director General of "Rusal Armenal" Adolph Zaltsman, YSU Rector Aram Simonyan, Vice-rectors, representatives of professorial staff, students, pupils of a number of schools of the republic and others.

Deputy Minister of Education and Science Vahram Mkrtchyan toured the pavilions, talked to students and other participants of the exhibitions, as well as participated in lectures and popular film screenings of the festival.

YSU Vice-rector on Students, Alumni and Public Relations Ruben Markosyan and Adolf Zaltsman made opening speeches at the official opening ceremony.

"The festival has natural sciences orientation, but I am sure that the students of the social and humanities sectors will also be interested in the event. The goal of this unprecedented festival in the Armenian higher education system is to instill love towards science among the youngsters from the school years," - said Ruben Markosyan.

Director General of Rusal Armenal, Adolf Zaltsman, underlined that the main goal of the scientific festival is to make the activities of different branches of science more accessible for different layers of the society, especially for students and pupils.

 Then the start of the event was marked by the frozen symbolic red ribbon breakdown in liquid nitrogen. In the lobby of the central building of YSU, in the halls and in the pavilions of the library, the event kicked off.

The pavilions representing the spheres of "Inventory", "Science", "Technologies", "Robotics" and "Aluminum Manufacturing" were operating in the central building. In the "Inventory" section, participants attended master classes on microelectronics, and in the "Science" section, various experiments and screenings, allowing participants to taste the moods of molecular cuisine were held.

At the pavilion representing the "Technology" field, students saw virtual reality, managed subjects with the power of mind, created dimensional structures using three-dimensional pens, used smartphones as microscopes, and drove hoverboards. In the "Robotics" section, the participants alerted robots with the help of remote control panels and followed the manifestations of artificial intelligence.

"We present three dimensional printers and manipulation robots to the public, which, by the way, is of great interest. I must also mention that I was impressed by the pavilions of Armenian participants, where the robots jump, walk and perform specific tasks. Indeed, it is a very successful event," - says Alexandra Lisina, representative of the Rostov Federal University.

It should be noted that YSU Student Scientific Society, which celebrated its 70th anniversary in October, and YSU Entrepreneurship Development Center presented their activities in separate pavilions, as well as students from different faculties of Yerevan State University. In parallel with the exhibition, lectures and popular science film screenings of "Science 2.0" TV channel were held at YSU.

High-quality physician-therapist Alexey Vodozozov told the participants about the future medicine. Andrey Shestakov, Head of Microbial Biotechnology Laboratory at the Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University delivered a lecture on useful microbes and bacteria. And the technology of aluminum production was presented by the Candidate of Technical Sciences, Director of Technology and Quality Unit of "Rusal Armenal" CJSC Artyom Andriasyan. The guests of the festival also participated in an interactive lecture entitled "Adventure Science" presented by Hayk Ishkhanyan, researcher at the Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia.

Hayk Ishkhanyan, a researcher at the Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, delivered an interactive lecture entitled "Adventure Science." There were remarkable experiments with liquid nitrogen, as well as some experiments from other areas of physics. The tests that took place on the spot were attended by students and pupils.

"In general, scientific experiments are very remarkable and impressive even for professionals. They sometimes amaze even physicists. This time the witnesses of the experiments are such people who for the first time see all this," - Hayk Ishkhanyan said and added that experiments were selected for the exhibition to be shown on a large scale to be visible and understandable on the stage.

Hayk Ishkhanyan also highlighted similar festivals and events that raise interest towards the surrounding world, helping to further develop researches.

The second scientific public lecture was entitled "The Medicine of the Upheaval". Therapeutist Alexey Vodozozov told the audience about scientific innovations, presented examples of recent experiments by scientists.

"Great prospects have been created and are being created in medical sector today. Nowadays, people of different professions, mathematicians, specialists in humanities, academics, etc. need this field. Medical sector is developing dramatically, so the role of medical ethics is also very important," - said Alexey Vodozozov.

The participants addressed questions on further development of science and innovations in this area. In response to a question whether people would be traveling to the Mars planet, the speaker replied: "The level of people's current development and the capabilities of modern technology allow us to reach the Mars planet. But another question is whether people will be able to act on the planet's surface. There are effects that will have a negative impact. Also, we should take into consideration that cosmonauts who stay in the universe for more than a year need a long restoration period," - the speaker added.

Andrey Shestakov, head of microbiological biotechnology laboratory at the Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University, will deliver a public lecture on "Human Microbiota" within the framework of the festival.

The event will be held on October 27 in the Main Building of YSU. Anyone can visit the scientific exhibition; the entrance to the event is free.


The interactive scientific exhibition “RUSAL FESTIVAL # Science” will consist of several zones of activities. Participants in the “Invention Zone” will see master classes in microelectronics. In the “Science Zone” there will be various experiments and shows; you can try the dishes of molecular cuisine. In the “Technology Zone”, adults and children can immerse themselves in virtual reality, manipulate objects with the power of thought, create 3D shapes with the help of a 3D pen, make microscopes from their smartphones and ride gyro-paceters. In the “Robotics Zone”, guests will be able to fight in robot battles, launch a quadrocopter and compete in robot races. YSU Student Scientific Society and YSU Entrepreneurship Development Center will also have pavilions here presenting all activities at YSU.


A separate part of the exhibition will be devoted to the production of aluminum. The participants will see experiments demonstrating the most amazing qualities of various metals (for example, how metals are cut with a knife or “dissolved” in water). Also, anyone can take part in a master class to study the process of electrolysis and make an unusual scientific souvenir using chemical “drawing”.


In parallel with the work of the exhibition, scientific figures will deliver lectures and popular science films from the TV channel "Science 2.0" will be shown. So, about medicine of the future will tell the doctor-therapist of the highest category, the scientific journalist Alexey Vodovozov. Useful microbes and bacteria will be introduced by Andrey Shestakov, Head of the Microbial Biotechnology Laboratory of the Biological Faculty of Moscow State University. The technology of aluminum production and processing will be described by Artem Andriasyan, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Director of Technology and Quality of CJSC “RUSAL ARMENAL”. Also guests can attend an interactive lecture “Entertaining Science” delivered by the researcher of the Institute of Physical Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia Hayk Ishkhanyan.


The event will become part of the big program “RUSAL FESTIVAL # Science”. From 25 to 27 October, along with the exhibition will be organized tours of schoolchildren to the foil rolling plant ARMENAL, an intellectual game for high school students “Cup of Engineers” and a scientific game “Space Agency”.


Detailed information about the project is on the website, Internet portal of YSU and on pages in social networks and