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The Student Scientific Society (SSS) of Yerevan State University is a student government structure that brings together undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students. The goal of the SSS is to support the academic, creative and spiritual development of the students. In order to accomplish the goal, the SSS organizes scientific conferences, seminars, lectures, and publishes the scientific articles of young scientists and students.

The activities of the SSS are coordinated according YSU regulations. The SSS regulations is the fundamental document for the coordination of the SSS , which was ratified by YSU academic council in 2001. The ongoing activities of the SSS are organized according the SSS policy, which was last time amended in 2013.


Since 1920s, several student scientific circles were formed and acted actively in various chairs of the YSU. In September of 1947, the assembly of all these circles decided to form the SSS for the whole university. The first president of the SSS of the YSU was elected PhD Yakov Khachikyan, who was back then a student from Russian department of the philological faculty. The SSS governing body was called general council. Every academic year several scientific conferences were organized, researches were carried out by the steady circles in student laboratories, and scientific articles were published. In 1970s, the number of the SSS members  was at least somewhere between 800-1000, the number of scientific reports – at least 600-700, and quite a lot of financing of the SSS programs.

In 1991 the SSS was seized, but on May 25th, 1996, it was refunded, a new constitution was ratified, and a new governing body was formed, the academic council. The president of the reformed SSS was elected Ashot Alexanyan, a post-graduate student from the chair of political science (now he is assistant professor of political science). The SSS commenced the organization of scientific conferences and publishing of the best articles again. These functions were successfully continued by the next presidents of the SSS - Ruben Markosyan, Yeznik Mirzoyan, Karlen Khachatryan and Mikayel Malkhasyan.

Since the July 2015, the Chairman of the SSS is PhD student at the Department of Political Institutions and Processes, Mher Hakobyan. Currently, per one academic year about 50 international, national, pan-university and faculty-sized scientific conferences are organized, where up to 1000 scientific reports are made. During 2012-2013, more than 1000 events were organized by the SSS at all 19 faculties of YSU and the branch of Ijevan, 12 collections of scientific articles and 3 collections of theses compliant to the standards of the Higher Qualification Commission of RA, 4 monographs, more than 500 scientific articles, and about 100 theses were published. The subsidiary structures involve about 400 members, consisting of undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students.

Throughout its 67-year-old history, the SSS had more than 6500 members, and it could be a greater number, if we took into consideration the members of the very first scientific circles in 1922. Nowadays, many of the members and presidents of the SSS are deans and lecturers at the faculties of the YSU.

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Chairman of SSS: Vanatur Sherents

Address: 1 Alex Manoogian str., YSU Main Building, Student Centre

Phone: (+374 60) 710194, 1194 (inner line),

E-mail: sss@ysu.am


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