16.04.2009 | 
Student, Culture
"When I was being asked if I was going to become an actress I used to reply no".

Honorable Artist of Russian Federation, film director and screenwriter Natalya Bondarchuk visited YSU studentship and professorial staff today. The meeting was held in YSU Cultural Center. She spoke about her passed professional way, cinema in general, future plans and her glorious family.

She was born in 1950 in Moscow in the family of film director Sergey Bondarchuk and actress Inna Makarova. When I was a child, people used o say I was born embraced in the film,- was joking our guest, adding that her brother, Fedor Bondarchuk is a well known personality and popular among the audience.

In 1971 Natalya Bondarchuk graduated from the Faculty of Actors (art studio of S. Gerasimov and T. Makarova) of the State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK).In 1975 she graduated from the Faculty of Film Directors at the same institute. Her debut in cinema was in 1970 in the film At the lake. Later she appeared in the films Soldier returned from the battlefield, You and me. Her dramatic skills made her rather popular after the appearance in the philosophical-fantastic movie Solaris of Andrey Tarkovsky (1972). After this success she used to be invited to 40 cinema shootings monthly. But she did not ever hurry to accept these invitations, making a detailed choice.

Her debut as a film director and screenwriter took place in 1975. But her top of glory was in 1980-es, when the movies Bembys childhood and Bembys teenage years were shot by her screenwriting. These films were watched by 9 million children right in the first several months after the premiere. The movies were so liked by children that they gathered around her and later the Childrens Theater Bembi was opened under Bondarchuks patronage.

After the meeting with Natalya Bondarchuk a movie Pushkin: the last duel was watched by the audience, which was being shown in Armenia for the first time. Before the movie was shown, our guest spoke about her activities of latest years. Her goal today is the presentation of the Golden Age of Russian Literature and this trilogy will include Pushkin, Lermontov and Gogol. 

Only to study Pushkins life, to learn about some details of his life and to research his archive I read about 2000 books. Sometimes I felt myself in 19th century, - has once said Natalya Bondarchuk, the screenwriter of this picture.

Currenltly she is involved in activities of shooting a picture about Gogols life. It is called Gogol: a familiar person. This movie is my torturing: the process is very slow, there are many interruptions and the economic crisis deepens the difficulties in its turn. But I hope the premiere will take place in the end of this year, - she said. By the way, she has visited Armenia in the composition of Russian world funds delegation, which largely supports the shooting of this film.

Other news
A meeting with European champions, gold medalists of the freestyle wrestling ranking tournament taking place in Budapest, freestyle wrestlers Arsen Harutyunyan and Vazgen Tevnyan, who recently won tickets to the Summer Olympic Games, took place today in YSU Charents Hall.
The inter-faculty dance contest has been held today by the commission for culture of YSU SC within the scope of “Let’s compete” event.