16.04.2014 | 
14th International Specialized Exhibition “Education and Career. EXPO-2014” was opened today. YSU participates in this expo, too.

This traditional event brought together 74 organizations providing educational services - universities (including the military-oriented), educational complexes, educational institutions, international organizations and others occupied in the field of education.


The responsibility to represent YSU at this expo was entrusted to the Public Relations and Information Department, Pre-university Education Department and Alumni and Career Centre.


“Visiting our pavilion the entrant can get “Entrant’s Guide 2014”, which provides with the detailed information about all specializations and professions, including the information where students can work, having graduated from the university. The invitations have been sent to all the schools with which we have signed agreements on cooperation. The environment here today does not mean that the analogous one will be during the coming summer, as this year the number of entrants at the universities has decreased by 2000, so we have much to do to provide at least the number of last year’s entrants,” - says Head of YSU Pre-university Education Department Vachagan Galstyan.


Acting Minister of Education and Science of Armenia Armen Ashotyan had come to participate in the opening ceremony of the event, held at the Exhibition complex “Yerevan Expo”. Then Mr. Minister visited the pavilions of the participants. According to Mr. Ashotyan such exhibitions are important as the representatives of education and business sectors meet each other, which is one of the prerequisites for the development of economy.


“The most important assessment is the interest shown by children, who visit these pavilions, take newspapers, business cards, leaflets. The part of it will be of no use, but the others will help them to make the right choice regarding their future education institution and occupation, - says Mr. Ashotyan adding that business sector in its turn shows interest towards the education field. I hope this will become decisive in our business culture. Education is one of the tools to ensure a profit for them.”


The exhibition is open until April 18.

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