11.04.2014 | 
Rector of Southern Connecticut State University Mary Papazyan shared her experience in the field of the university management in the 21st century with her Armenian colleagues.

The workshop, which was chaired by the rector of Southern Connecticut State University, who has Armenian origin, was organized by “ARPA” Institute. Armenian side was represented at this workshop by YSU and SEUA. Mary Papazyan presented the SCSU, spoke about the challenges, strategies, teaching staff of their university, as well as the activities that are being carried out to provide with high quality education.


YSU Rector Aram Simonyan, vice-rectors, heads of departments and divisions, as well as employees had come to this meeting to learn about the experience of this 130 years old American university.


Mary Papazyan said that although SCSU annual budget is 200 million U.S. dollars, anyway, there are financial problems. This university has 11,000 students.


“As many universities around the world, we also have financial problems that become an obstacle for the implementation of many ideas. The main part of the budget is spent for the needs of the professorial staff and replenishment of scientific and technical base. And we always have to find money to cover other expenses,” - she says and adds that one of their key divisions is the fundraising department.


Mrs. Papazyan spoke about the human resources policy, focusing on the affairs of the vice-rectors: “The vice-rectors are given freedom of actions. They receive their tasks only and methods to fulfill these tasks and reach the goals should be developed by their staff. Every year we assess the progress recorded through analysis.”


As for the professorial staff, Mrs. Papazyan said that as Connecticut is a small state, it is difficult to find good specialists. That is the reason why the major part of lecturers is invited from other states.


The SCSU pays great attention to the private business sector and the establishment of ties with various state agencies: “We develop cooperation in the field of science with large and small organizations, establish research centers ourselves, or in every way support the establishment of these centers. These centers are not only occupied in the fundamental science, but also other issues that are of vital importance for the state or country. This is the way when using the potential of our professionals we can solve the problems," - says Mrs. Papazyan.


Representatives of YSU and SEUA asked the speaker different questions, which related to the admission, the use of budget, fundraising, etc.

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