17.12.2015 | 
The last session of YSU Academic Council for this semester was held today. Nine issues were on the agenda together with a number of current issues.

Today, YSU Academic Council hosted the Director of “Enterprise Incubator” Foundation Bagrat Yengibaryan, who presented the programs and activities of YSU Armenian-Indian Centre for Excellence. The center was opened in 2011. The Indian Minister of Information Technologies had also attended the opening ceremony.

“The center was to develop activities in three areas - education, research and the exchange of specialists, and the other important precondition was that it had to operate at one of the Armenian universities. Later, a decision was made not to focus only on the IT sector and it was decided to promote entrepreneurship development programs. Today, it has become one of the largest training centers with equipped labs,” - said Mr. Yengibaryan.

The charters of the faculties of Theology and Radiophysics received approvals during the session. Then YSU rector Aram Simonyan briefly presented “YSU Strategic Development Plan in 2016-2020”, the results of “The Complex Measures of the Corruption Combat in 2014-2015 Academic Year”, performance of “Revenues and Expenses (budget) (January-November)” of Yerevan State University Foundation in 2015, “The Revenue and Expenditure of 2016 (budget)”. These documents were submitted to YSU Board for the approval. It should be noted that the Session of the Board will be held on December 23.

Then Director of YSU Ijevan Branch presented the report on the activities of the branch in the period of the last year.

“Within this period we have revised the list of specializations, made them more into line with the market demands. Memorandum of Understanding has been signed with the province’s colleges, primary and high schools. This year we have finally reached the result that more than 50 percent of tutors now have scientific degrees,” – said Mr. Arakelyan. At the same time, he noted that the representatives of their professorial staff are not largely involved in the international projects, and there is a need to focus attention on this issue.

The lecturers of YSU Ijevan Branch have published 8 monographs, 15 methodical manuals and 113 articles in the reporting period.

The issue of some structural changes was discussed among the current issues.

“We have developed a document, which defines the structure of the university. Now we have a clear vision of the quantity of our structural subdivisions together with staff, etc. This should be submitted for the approval to the Board,” - said Mr. Simonyan.

Accordingly, if the Board approves this document, the Division of Diaspora of YSU International Cooperation Office will be renamed into the Division on the Organization of Education for Foreign Students and YSU International Education Centre will be closed.

The Division on Students Affairs will be reorganized into a center and will bear the same name. This is essential, as the scope of the activities has been expanded. Structural changes will be made at YSU Institute for Armenian Studies. YSU Egyptology Centre and the Division on the Analysis and Evaluation of the Sources of the Armenian History will be closed, too. Instead of the latter there will be opened the divisions on Native Studies, Armenian Statehood History Research Problems, Diaspora Studies and the Armenian-Russian Relations.

A Chair of Pharmochemistry and Pharmacognosy will be opened at the Faculty of Pharmacology and Chemistry and the Chair of Theory of Economics of YSU Faculty of Economics and Management will be renamed into the Chair of Theoretical and General Economics.

YSU automatic telephone exchange will be dissolved, and telephone network service division will be opened at YSU Information Systems Service and Development Department.

Awarding ceremony had also been envisaged. Professor at YSU Faculty of Russian Philology Liana Matevosyan received the diploma of “Rossotrudnichestvo”. According to the decision of YSU Academic Council President of “Tavitean” Foundation Aso Tavitean was awarded the title of the Honorary Doctor of YSU.

In the end of the session, the results of the voting on awarding the titles of professor and associate professor were announced. Four nominees were awarded the title of professor, seven – associate professor.

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