03.04.2014 | 
YSU Academic Council held its regular session. 5 issues were on the agenda.

First of all the Council via open vote approved the tuition fees for baccalaureate, master’s degree and PhD studies for 2014-2015 academic year.


The list of the specializations, available for the entrance in the coming academic year (baccalaureate, master’s degree) was confirmed. Accordingly, the admission for baccalaureate will be held in 20 specializations and in 14 specializations – for master’s degree.


The results of the University lecturers’ qualification educational and scientific program in the 1st half of 2013-2014 academic year were presented by the Head of YSU Additional Post-graduate Education Department Jasmen Aghasyan.


“About 1000 lecturers should participate in the program, but currently only 843 are involved. Their credit effectiveness is quite different. There are lecturers who have received 1 credit, and there are also those who have a 60-70 credits. In 2.5 years it was envisaged to collect at least 15,000 credits (in 1 year - 6 credits each), but only 10.743 was accumulated. 68% of them were acquired by the representatives of the administrative block and only 32 % from the research part. 470 of 1000 lecturers by now have submitted their scientific works,” - presented the results of the 2011-2012 academic year Jasmen Aghasyan.


One scientific report was also included in the Council’s agenda – “The issue of Lake Sevan Wter Level: Problems and Solutions”. It was presented by the Chairman of the Committee on Lake Sevan Issues at the RA President Vladimir Movsisyan. He spoke of the lake’s water level rising, cleanliness, as well the results of the activities ensuring the biodiversity and then answered the questions asked by the members of the Academic Council.


Then the Rector of Yerevan State University handed him YSU Commemorative Medal.


Among the current issues it was decided to award the title of honorary head of chair the Professor of the Faculty of Chemistry Hambardzum Khachatryan, and the book “Psychophysiology” by Vilena Grigoryan was approved for the republishing, because there is a demand among students, and the copies of the book are not enough.


The administration of the Faculty of Biology recommends uniting 5 laboratories, operating beginning with 2005 by the basic funding and making one unit - research institute, which was approved by the Council, too.


The establishment of the new joint inter-university and academic laboratory at YSU was approved via open vote. It is the result of cooperation between YSU, Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University and the National Academy of Sciences ofArmenia. 30 % of the funding will be allocated by the two universities and 70 % - State Committee of Science. It will operate at the Faculty of Physics and will be called “Quantum technologies and new substances.”


At the end of the session the results of the secret ballot were announced, according to which, 7 candidates received the title of associate professor and 4 - professor.

Other news
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Students of Gyumri "Nor Luyce " were hosted at YSU today on the initiative of the Department of Pre-University Education.
Acting Rector Gegham Gevorgyan stated at today's special sitting of the YSU Academic Council that he has resigned.