05.04.2014 | 
The announcement made by YSU Academic Council on the condemning the massacre against the Armenians and Alevis living in the Syrian town of Kessab.

The Armenian nation is shocked by the attacks in the Syrian town of Kessab continued since March 21.


YSU condemns the attacks by the terrorist groups and the actions of Turkish authorities who support them which results another violation against the peaceful existence of the Armenian people and the Syrian civilian population in Kessab. As a result the settlements are destroyed, innocent people are evacuated, their property is being robbed and churches are desecrated. We express our condolences in connection with the unjust war in Syria, particularly Syrian population and the Armenians living in Syria who suffer from the tragic events in Kessab.


The obvious support shown by the Turkish authorities to the terrorist groups and other outrageous facts are undeniable evidences of the fact that the anti-Armenian state policy continues to remain on the political agenda of Turkey. The Kessab events show that the genocidal and criminal image of Turkish authorities is unchanged. It is tragic indeed that the leadership of the Ottoman Empire, and then the Turkish republic has always been and still is in the hands of the nationalists.


Yerevan State University calls on the Armenian society and all the Armenians to unite around the idea to help the Syrian Armenians. We call on the international community to condemn Turkey’s anti-Armenian policy, and use all political, economic and diplomatic levers to stop the misanthropic policy of the Turkish authorities.


Yerevan State University Academic Council


April 3, 2014

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