17.04.2009 | 
Student, Policy, Science
YSU Faculty of Sociology hosted colleagues from the German University of Konstanz today.

The international seminar headed Places of memories, collective symbols, identities started two days ago in the Center for Regional Integration and Conflict Resolution. The seminar was attended by students, PHD students and professorial staff representatives of Yerevan State University, as well as 16 participants of different nationalities from the University of Konstanz, Germany.

The initiator of the workshop, launched on the 16th of April, was the Dean of the Faculty of Sociology of Yerevan State University Arthur Mkrtchyan and the financial side was provided by German Academic Exchange Service.

As currently we face financial difficulties to send our students abroad to participate in international seminars, we have decided to organize these discussions here. Such events and the experience exchange with the specialists of this level is very important both in terms of actuality so well in terms of formation of students debate culture, - said Arthur Mkrtchyan.

Choosing the University of Konstanz was not accidental. Everyone knows that Germany is a leading country in the sphere of science, and University of Konstanz is an elite university in Europe. So, the experience exchange with experts from this university is predominantly important.

According to Arthur Mkrtchyan visitors from Germany had no special idea about Armenia as well as level of knowledge of our students and lecturers: They thought that this seminar would go into a lecture and that their speeches would be an opening for us, and we would be in the role of students. But now they understand that we can make reports, and they may find themselves in the role of students. I am very proud that our students and lecturers can make reports in English on interesting and important topics as well as hold serious debates. In the framework of this seminar a lot of surprises are waiting for our guests: they will visit the sights of Armenia and learn about the Armenian culture. In one word, the visitors from Germany will leave full of new impressions and ideas of Armenia.

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