29.04.2009 | 
Student, Society, Culture
"Each of You must be a leader, and not a follower..."

Such an opinion was expressed by an actor, poet, musician Michael Stone during the meeting with YSU Faculty of History studentship. He is currently implementing a project in cooperation with Armenian soloist Flora Martirosyan, which aims the prevention of violence, wars and genocides worldwide.

Mr. Stone told our students how the project against the Armenian genocide was born: I had appeared on Floras concert occasionally. I had no idea of what she was singing, but I felt the pain, excitement in her songs. Evferything started with this...

This cooperation started two years ago. Michael Stone sings the Armenian song Dle yaman with her, which tells us about the Armenian genocide. And the vocalist states that the most important has been done: The movie is ready. The title is Stop, people. The premiere is expected tomorrow during the concert. It is going to be shown worldwide. 

The duration of this movie is 8, 5 minutes. It is about several youngsters, who speak about the Armenian genocide via internet, try to understand what and how has happened. There are four heroes, an American boy, Greek girl, Turkish boy and Armenian girl. The screenwriter and director of the picture is Zhirayr Dadasyan.

Mr. Stone focused on the role of youth in the area of this issue: The process of the genocide recognition must be started from the youth, as their voice is much more powerful. The mission to change something must be carried out by every student: one must not wait until something is changed by others.

Mr. Stone is the veteran of the Vietnam War: he has spent four years there. He has lost many friends, faced the horror of death: I do not want this to repeat again.

He has an active member of World peace and Planet Hope. The founder of the Planet Hope is Stones sister, the famous actress Sharon Stone, who will probably visit Armenia in May. By the way, humanist Michael Stone has got great expectations regarding the policy of the US President Barack Obama: The US President must cooperate with both countries, make them start a dialogue. Every problem is solved with the help of the dialogue. 

Flora Martirosyan mentioned that she is very touched with the fact that Michael Stone participates in her project. It is one thing when You tell about your pain, and another, when the representative of other country joins You. And Mr. Stone said: I am very proud and glad that I can consider myself the part of your great mission.

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